Biological (Holistic) Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is centred around the philosophy of eliminating all forms of toxicity from the mouth which may impact on the health of the body and it’s immune system.

There are two forms of dental toxins:

  1. Chemical toxin (mercury amalgam, metallic alloys, fluoride and some plastic materials)
  2. Bacterial toxins (found in diseased gums, infected teeth, existing root canals, cavitations)

Dental on George follows the following protocols:

Fully protected amalgam removal protocol, which includes:

  • Rubber dam
  • High volume air evacuation
  • Minimal drilling technique
  • Rapid flush cleansing
  • A globally renowned mercury exposure flushing and chelation system

These protocols have been developed from guidelines seen in the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) report on safe amalgam removal.

They have also been developed through the Free Radical Therapy program, Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland, and the Holistic Dental Associations of the USA and Canada.

  • All filling materials used have been sensitivity tested using protocols brought to us by Paul Alexander (Tara Health Centre) which have enabled Dental on George to offer a choice of incredibly biocompatible materials to our patients
  • Wherever possible, natural mechanisms for tooth healing are promoted
  • Root canal extractions are carried out using methods which eliminate the risks of short or long term anaerobic bacterial exposure to the body
  • For tooth replacement options, zirconia re-inforced (non-metallic) ceramics are utilised to minimise any immune system fatigue
  • Cavitation removal surgery can also be carried out on some cases. In complex cases, patients may be referred to our affiliated holistic dentist in Queensland, Dr. Eric Davis.
  • Dental on George works closely with the alternative healing programs offered by Sam Queen and Paul Alexander at the Tara Health Centre.

These holistic dental protocols ensure all these toxic avenues are eliminated from exposure to you and your body.


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