The gums (oral tissue) in your mouth are probably more important than your teeth. Without healthy gums, the underlying bone which holds the teeth in place can become diseased.

This can result in a condition called Periodontal Disease which ultimately leads to wobbly teeth or teeth falling out.

Every time you eat

  • Every time you eat food, small fragments of your meal collect on the junction between your teeth and your gums.
  • Unless it is removed fully, it harbours bacteria and when it mixes with the calcium in your saliva it is encased in a hardened shell of calcium (like limestone rock). This is known as tartar (or calculus) and is a source of tremendous bacterial toxicity to your body.
  • When tartar builds, it cannot be removed by your toothbrush, and bacteria is allowed free access to your gums and your blood vessels (your gums are pink because they contain an enormous amount of blood vessels)

This bacteria can have a massive impact on:

At Dental on George, we strive to treat the mouth and the patient. We value the importance of a healthy mouth and healthy body and wish to make it easier for our patients to achieve wellbeing.

Our active maintenance program developed by our dental hygienist, enables every patient to have the optimal oral health. This is measured and maintained by regular assessments of the gums and treatment of any bacterial inflammation. All appointments are carried out by our experienced hygienists and dentists who work in collaboration in this important area of health.

Wherever possible, natural alternatives to treatment are explored and explained fully.

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