Dental Implants

Teeth play an important role in our overall quality of life. They give us self-confidence, enable us to speak clearly and enjoy eating, as well as give us the added security in dealing with everyday situations.

The importance of our teeth becomes apparent when we lose one or more of our them, or when a replacement in the form of conventional bridges or dentures causes problems.

The Dental Implant Process:

  • Dental implants are replacements for natural tooth roots that have been lost. When an implant is placed, it bonds to the bone by a process known as “osseointegration”. This is due to the highly biocompatible nature of titanium which allows bone to create an interlocking interface with the implant surface.
  • Dental implants have now been placed in humans for over 50 years and the scientific research since that time has allowed dentists to replace teeth with an extremely predictable, highly successful and exceptionally natural aesthetic results.
  • If you have a single missing tooth or a tooth that is irreparable, a dental implant may be the best solution. It allows the replacement of the tooth without altering the shape or structure of any surrounding teeth.
  • If you are missing several teeth, implants can also be used as a solution. This avoids the need of dentures that would not be able to offer the same support, function and aesthetics that implants provide.


  • Provide a long-term solution to the problem of missing teeth
  • Are scientifically tested and researched
  • Can replace one or more teeth
  • Can eliminate the need for partial dentures
  • Hold dentures securely in the mouth in a case where all teeth are missing
  • Improves function and gives you confidence with a natural appearance
  • Have over a 96% life-long success rate

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