Emergency Dentistry

What to do in an emergency?

The first thing to do if there is any concern of this nature is to call us on (08) 9339 3047.

We are open for appointments from 9am Monday to Friday (open late on Wednesday evenings).

Early morning calls (around 8.30am) to the practice in East Fremantle will ensure that you will receive early treatment. One of our friendly front office coordinators will cater to your needs to fit you into the dentist schedule that day. Should you have an emergency concern arise over the weekend or after hours, you can still contact our surgery number and emergency phone numbers will be on the voicemail.

Once you have chatted to one of our friendly staff, you can read through our News section on our website to get some tips on how to relieve your pain until you are examined by the dentist. The following article will be of some help:

Active Maintenance is the best defence

At Dental on George we strive to prevent dental emergencies for all our patients through a thorough and comprehensive active maintenance program, however, life does sometimes throw a spanner in the works. Trauma through sports injuries, toothaches, dental abscesses, tooth sensitivity, broken teeth/fillings, loose crowns, jaw aches, cuts and bruises and various swellings can all present themselves and require our immediate attention.

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